Soliciting Advice: What to call the meme of ignorance?

Continuing the trend in unfortunate acronyms, I’m starting a new category, the working title of which is Research in Progress. I’ve considered Things I Don’t Know and several variations (What I Don’t Know, Things I Don’t Know Yet,) but there’s just no cachet to TIDK, WIDK, or even TIDKY. Still others– TIKL (Things I’ll Know Later (I hope)) or TILL (Things I’ll Learn Later)– show promise; we’ll see how they develop over time.

The other problem, of course, with Things I Don’t Know or any variation on it, is that the list would be unmanageably, indeed infinitely, long. Let’s not go there. It’s a fertile plot that will indubitably be thoroughly tilled and eagerly harvested by sons #s1 and 2. Thank goodness they don’t read this blog.

Truth to tell, I’d like to be able to use RIP, TIKL, and TILL all three. I know, greedy, greedy.

So I could use some input here. Which one do you like? Can you come up with something better?

If there isn’t a meme out there on this, I think there should be. Something like Wordless Wednesday or Green Thumb Sunday. How about Ignorant Tuesday? (You know, I.T.) Everyone who participates would write a short entry on something they DON’T know—a question, a curiosity, a gap. And there’s a chance someone else would be able to fill the gap.

I know forums do a lot of this, but I like the idea of bringing it home to the blog, and of the sort of random search involved.

I rather like TIKL for this—(Tuesday Information Knowledge List? Not great. Maybe this: Share Tuesday Info Know List? (STIKL)) No—Tuesday Ignorance-Knowledge List. Still horrible.

Help. I need help.

2 Responses to Soliciting Advice: What to call the meme of ignorance?

  1. How about:
    Friday: Any Questions? (FAQ)
    Tuesday Answer Time (TAT)
    Gardening Enlightenment on Mondays (GEMS)

  2. I like what happens when you stick them together. Riptikltill.

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