Blogless for a Day–Horrors! Or, Eric to the Rescue

This post is about why the next post, for Green Thumb Sunday — my first GTS! — is late. There may be some amongst you who are inclined to point out that writing this post (twice, as it disappeared into the void once as I tried to save, but I am nothing if not persistent–otherwise, I’d still be single) makes that post even later. You would be correct. Nevertheless, it would be appreciated if you would keep that observation to yourselves. Thank you.

I haven’t had to log into Typepad since this account was set up last August, but suddenly yesterday I did. (Why? Why, I ask you, why?) My memory is good enough to ensure that I climb into the right bed at night, but beyond that it’s pretty hopeless, so the chance that I’d remember the password was about nil. I’ll spare you the details of the multiple (wrong) tries, the inspired (but wrong) guesses, the e-mails to relevant support personel and the rest. It was an evening of hair-pulling, teeth gnashing, breast beating and all the time-honored gestures of grief and despair.

The whole thing was complicated by the fact that the blog was originally set up by Eric Vinge of Planet Natural, the mail-order organic gardening store for which I write articles destined to be transmuted, via a process akin to magic, into websites. Eric does the transmuting. He also pays me for the articles (if and when I ever finish them), though not for the blog. (Working on that.)

And while we’re on the subject (a phrase my mother — have I told you about my mother? — used to link the most remakably diverse topics) he lets me say what I damn please, and this post contains the first link to his store’s site. (I think.) I believe I’ve mentioned his shirt tails, though.

Anyway, Eric was one of the poeple to whom I sent a frantic message yesterday evening, and when I checked my e-mail at about eight this morning — O bliss! — there it was, the abracadabra for this blog, the e-mail from Eric, the password, the key to the paradise of Typepad. So I’m back, folks, I’m back and ready to blog.

2 Responses to Blogless for a Day–Horrors! Or, Eric to the Rescue

  1. I love the way that you are apologising for the lateness of something that no-one was expecting to see. Now if you had a whole string of GTS posts behind you, that would be a different thing and we’d all be anxiously wondering what had happened…
    I’ve noticed all these GTS and GBBD posts on other blogs but can’t quite bring myself to take part – seems like it might become too much of a chore after a while. Your post suggests that for you it has become a chore before you’ve even started ;-)
    True, Amanda, too true. However, as far as I can see, all you’re supposed to do for GTS is post a picture of a flower once a month, and that doesn’t _sound_ like such a chore.
    I haven’t even figured out what, exactly, GBBD is or how to join, but I suspect that GTS has exhausted my scheduled flower-photo reserves.

  2. OMG – what a panic! Good to see you were only blogless for one day. Eric’s a star!
    As for GBBD – it’s fun and only once a month. That’s why you’ve got my slideshow over at Veg Plotting with a tied post on the 15th. I’m toying with the idea of Green Thumb Sunday too – I suspect I manage to do it already, but just haven’t linked it with the meme!

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