Upcoming podcast: Organics vs. Monsanto

Yesterday I came off a marathon podcast editing session–about 20 hours straight, tacked onto the end of a work day.

It’s not the first time I’ve stayed up all night putting the podcast to bed; this fall I’ve probably been up more Tuesday nights than I’ve slept. But this was a bigger deal than most. This was a show about the suit brought by organic farmers, seed growers, and organizations against Monsanto, the seed company that keeps suing farmers whose fields become contaminated with its genetically modified–and patented–seeds.

Last spring, this group of organic folks sued the suer, trying to ensure that if their fields are contaminated, at least Monsanto won’t sue them. (You can read my post, News flash! Organic farmers take on Monsanto for more information.) This fall, rather to my astonishment, two prominent figures in the suit agreed to interviews with me.

Jim Gerritsen, an organic farmer in northern Maine, is president of OSGATA, the Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association, which is at the forefront of the suit. Daniel Ravicher is the lead lawyer in the suit, and Executive Director of the Public Patent Foundation, or PUBPAT.

You’ll be able to hear them both on next week’s podcast, “Turning the Tables: Organic Farmers Sue Monsanto.”  It should be up sometime on Monday.

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  1. A recent study released by the International Journal of Biological Sciences found that Monsanto’s GM Corn causes liver and kidney damage in lab rats. Monsanto only released the raw data after a legal challenge from Greenpeace, the Swedish Board of Agriculture, and French anti- GM campaigners. I’m sure the corn is fine to feed to our cattle or eat ourselves though. Right?

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