A new look for the Manic: Comments, please!

You may notice that, while the inimitable banner remains the same, the blog now has but one sidebar, re-organized categories, and for the moment an absurdly brief blogroll. I’ve long wanted more space for text and pictures, and guess what? Ta-da!

The move from Type-pad to Word Press was a work in progress for almost a year, the work (and progress) provided primarily by my most excellent web guru and husband, while the unfinished pieces fall entirely in my purview.

HELP ME FIND THEM, if you would, by leaving comments on broken links (probably not all survived the move) and other problems.

I’d also appreciate feedback on the new layout, as well as other features. I’d considered having a drop-down menu across the top with such things as the categories and archive—and I’ve just noticed that the archive has disappeared. Oops. Got to do something about that.

Anyhoo, if you’ve got something to say, pro or con, about drop-down menus on blogs or other fascinating topics, please weigh in.

In the meantime, I’ll try to do something about those archives and the lists of my fine fellow-bloggers.

5 Responses to A new look for the Manic: Comments, please!

  1. Looks good and I’m loving that I can read the whole post in Google Reader instead of having to click over. Thanks!

  2. Love the new look and the easy breakdown of the categories. :)

  3. I really like it. The one thing I would change would be to get rid of the Recent Comments section. That’s just personal taste, though, more than anything.

    Been wondering what you were up to, though. The blog’s been strangely silent lately.

  4. Looks really crisp and easy to understand. I don’t feel that a drop down menu would be beneficial as they can be quite tedious but that’s just my preference when looking at blogs. Really like the breakdown of categories though!

  5. The Manic Gardener

    Thanks, Michãel, though it’s really Steve who should get your thanks, since he did all the work.

    Hi, Karina. Still too many categories, I suspect, but I’m like a kid with too many stuffed animals: I can’t bear to part with one. Weird.

    Yeah, I’m not sure about that either, Sarah. (Okay, I confess: it was Steve’s idea.) As for the silence—oy. Too busy.


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