Basement garden harvest: the rudest carrot

Rudest carrot

This may be the rudest, crudest vegetable I've grown. It's flagrantly suggestive in rather obvious ways, but even if you manage to look past those, it looks to me like a carrot giving the finger to—what? The other carrots? The spinach?

Perhaps when it writes its memoir, The Secret Life of Carrots, we'll find out.

The real point here is that I picked it on February 15th from my basement garden, which even now remains my only source for fresh vegetables such as those in last Sunday's omelet.

Yes, I know; some of you down south are probably almost ready to harvest your first spring carrots, and your chard may be ready to bolt. But things are different here in the north, especially this year. We are flirting with spring—or it with us—but no commitment has been made. You couldn't say that there's an actual relationship here.

So my only carrots or chard over a quarter inch tall are growing in my basement.

I actually sowed my winter garden flats last fall (rather than waiting until February), so they had a pretty good start outside before I had to bring them in and put them under the florescent lights downstairs. All the carrots are in the 6” deep, 2' long plastic planters from my local Ace Hardware store. Not a major investment.

I wouldn't have thought carrots would grow indoors, or in such shallow containers. But two winters back I dropped a few carrot seeds in amongst my basement lettuce, and they grew to a small but edible size. So this time around I decided to get serious.

Given my shallow pots, Little Finger carrots seemed the best choice, as they only grow to be four or five inches long. Or so they say. One I picked had reached something closer to seven inches, but not in a straight line. Apparently it had hit the bottom of the planter, taken a hard left, and kept going for another couple of inches before I pulled it. As for what happened to the one pictured above, it's probably better not to speculate.

Maybe a dozen times since February, I've picked a small handful like the one pictured in Sunday's post, good for salad or garnish. It's not nearly all the carrots we eat—but it's some. And they're good.

There have been a few (ahem) problems along the way, including a horrific aphid infestation, but I'll save those for another post.

Of course, one reason why carrots are such a great crop for me this year is that I've so profoundly neglected my greens. That fast-growing chard in this winter's only exception. Apparently the whole gardening 101 bit about first planting seeds and then watering them in a timely fashion —this is still beyond me.

Working on it.

17 Responses to Basement garden harvest: the rudest carrot

  1. Well, if you grow carrots called “Little Finger” you’ve got to expect that, right? lol! :D
    I had no idea carrots could grow in such shallow containers. Got to try that out.

  2. Good point, Sunita. And thanks for the chuckle! I’m glad to see you’re back blogging again–

  3. Hi Kate, what a coincidence! Yesterday I was talking to a friend to plant some vegetables in his flat, and he asked me how to grow carrots?! Now, here is the answer, tnx.

  4. Good to hear from you again, Arash. And yes, that is a coincidence! Just be sure to pick a shorter variety for growing in a container. And watch out for those aphids!

  5. I sure love carrots! I didn’t know that it can be grown indoors as well! Thanks for sharing that. Do you have any tips as to growing the best carrots indoors? Thanks!

  6. Good Post. Seem it is very easy to grow indoors. Just the container should be large enough to grow carrots. I will try it as carrots are delicious vegetables good for salads.

  7. From down south: pathetic garden, flooded by an abundance of rain. Excessive rain brought on excessive weeds and the garden was so muddy we could not even walk in it to remove the weeds. Now it has dried out but it is too late to plant anything more that a fall garden, but the heat is now a problem. I think it is time for a greenhouse.
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  8. A greenhouse is a great idea! If only I had the space and time for it, I’d love to grow my own produce!

  9. I thought the same thing as Sunita when I read this post. I didn’t realize carrots could be grown inside. I should give that a try since my daughter loves carrots.

  10. I had a carrot do the same thing a few years back. I get a smile on my face every time I see it. Thanks for the laugh!

  11. I like the idea of the carrot flipping off the other carrots! Can’t wait to read, “The Secret Life of Carrots.”

  12. LMAO Too funny! Still though, we’ve barely had any luck with our carrots but then again it was an experiment this year.
    Thanks for the laugh. (or should I be thanking the carrot?)

  13. That’s one very naughty carrot.

  14. Hi Kate, your post reminded me of a couple of crazy carrots that I dug up a couple of years ago. Have a look at
    I’m on the opposite side of the country from you down in the heart of Texas. I enjoy your blog very much. Very entertaining!

  15. Karina—I didn't know they could be grown indoors either, but I decided to try, and was pleasantly surprised.
    Wow, Myra, sounds like a terrible year for you. Good luck with the fall garden and green house!
    Would you need a greenhouse where you are, Karina?
    They do follow their own paths sometimes, don't they, Shawn.
    I’ll let you know when the book comes out, Jennifer.
    Oh, thank the carrot, Tamara, why not.
    Glad you appreciate it, Adrian
    Dwight, I think you should enter that photo in some contest for twisted (literally) vegetables. Thank you for sharing.

  16. sitting on my patio glass of red in hand looking at your beautifull photos great blog thankyou

  17. I didn’t know that it can be grown indoors as well! As per your article, Seem it is very easy to grow carrots indoors. Thanks for this great information. My daughter just love carrots.

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