Toronto gathering for Dad I: Reversal

A few months ago, it seemed that my father was going to fade away unremembered save by those of us who loved him most. Now we're wondering if the room reserved for the memorial is big enough.

That's been the experience, over and over in various ways, during the months of planning for this gathering at the University of Toronto.

On the phone a couple of weeks ago, my mother Connie told me that her sister had offered to take any family in town out to dinner. “Then I told her how many were coming—“

“Oh no.”

“And there was this silence—”

“Oh, my gosh, she must have offered when there were only a couple.”

“Exactly. I think she'd expected three or four people.”

“Well, so did we! But she can't possibly take us all to dinner.”

“No, of course not.”

How could we have imagined such a problem, two months back?

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