We’re going to need a bigger harvest basket.


Harvest 2

That's spinach on the left, and a major chard leaf on the right.  I hadn't set out to make a major harvest, but when I lifted the cover off the greens patch next door, I found the spinach pushing the row-cover ceiling. So I got out the scissors.

I needed this. I've been digging for days, prepping plots that should have been planted two months ago. So I'm looking at all this bare dirt, wondering if I'm ever going to get on top of things, and at the end of the day, I actually get to bring this in.

What a relief.

9 Responses to We’re going to need a bigger harvest basket.

  1. You found your camera’s battery charger then? Very good.

  2. Yummy. It’s funny to see you harvesting chard and spinach while I’m harvesting tomatoes. Such different climates we have. However, this is a good garden year. We both need bigger baskets.~~Dee

  3. I did, Sally, I did, as you see. Lovely to hear from you here on the Manic!
    That's a great measure of the difference between our climates, Dee. One of the (few) advantages of Montana's climate (for a gardener) is that we can grow those green leafy vegies all season, though they do better in the shade in July and August. But I could do with some tomatoes by now. In a normal year they'd be ready, but not after our cool, rainy June.
    Greetings, Thos003, and welcome to the Manic. Sounds as if your mom had a few great tricks up her sleeve. I remember hating spinach, but we were eating frozen stuff. I don't think I converted, really, till I was growing my own.

  4. Spinach is a useful plant. I’m doing wonderful salads in summer. Many people grow spinach in Russia.

  5. Wow, Evgeniy! Yours is the first comment I’ve received from a Russian blog. I’m thrilled. I’ve been to your site and left a comment, but I feel a bit out of my depth, as I can’t read a word there. You’re ahead of me in the language game. How ever did you discover the Manic?

  6. I know about your site in Google. I like to visit foreign websites. This is interesting! But I have not received your comment on my site.

  7. I wonder why you didn’t get my comment, Evgeniy. I’ll try again. What are you growing?

  8. I grow vegetables in my garden. There are potato, tomato, onion, carrot. But there are cherry, currant, strawberry.
    You can send comment in my Email Address, because my blog has spam protection in Russian language.

  9. Thanks for the e-mail comment tip, Evgeniy. I’ll try that. Sounds as if you’ve got quite a garden!

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