A hefty discount, but whoa, Nelly! A weighty shipping fee

So, er, remember the fine offer I told you all about a few weeks back? You know, the publisher's generous
40% discount off that new Black Dog alternative gardening book
Growing Stuff? Well, um, it turned out that there was a slight
hitch to that offer: a shipping fee that in some cases completely
wipes out the discount.

I was alerted to this by my friend Feed Store Girl, who sent me her invoice, with all the gory details:

Book price:     24.95

with discount  14.97   So far, so good.But then comes the kicker:

Shipping         14.81

TOTAL:           29.78

Now, wait up a minute there! This is not book rate as I remembered it.

I called my UK contact, who called the US distributor (Perseus, just in case you want to know whom to get mad at), and confirmed that they only use UPS for shipping. Why, I don't know, and while I admit that there might be a good reason for this, it's hard to imagine what it would be. Last time I checked (five minutes ago) book rate still existed; in fact, it's now a vastly expanded “Media Rate,” since it applies not just to books but to DVDs, CDs, printed music, and all sorts of similar stuff.

So I apologize for this excessive fee, and extend to you the only consolation I've got on hand: the ever-helpful Jessica Atkins will happily look up and quote your shipping price when you e-mail her with your (tentative) order.

To get the discount, just e-mail Jessica at <jess@blackdogonline.com> and mention the Manic Gardener. (Oh, and ask what your shipping costs will be.) If they're close to those faced by my friend, you might decide to forget the discount and buy the book at a local bookstore. That's what Feed Store Girl said she was going to do, and I can't say I blame her.

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  1. Love Growing Stuff book. Thank you for the offer and the suggestion.

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