We’re going to need a bigger tupperware container…


For the past two weeks, ever since I started picking the first early beans, this container has been big enough. Clearly, those days are past. This comes as a bit of a shock, as I just picked beans yesterday. Less than twenty-four hours ago. And–it rained all day today. As in, the sun never shone. Not, you'd think (I would, anyway) prime bean-ripening weather. But what do I know about it? I know I'm going to need a bigger container.

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  1. Such a joy to pick beans of that quantity….. you may soon need a bucket!

  2. we have been resorting to carrier bags, really, when will it ever stop! I feel like beans are trying to take over my life..and they’re winning I’m drowning in them. But no real conplaints!

  3. Feeling a little miffed as I appear to only have beetroot, carrots and onions left in my patch – my veg garden plans always go adrift..
    Also, congratulations – I see you’re named as no. 14 in the Interflora top 50 flower blogs (http://blog.interflora.co.uk/top-50-flower-blogs/).

  4. aaah! The nicest words a veggie gardener likes to hear… “I think I need a bigger container”!

  5. Maybe I can borrow Carrie’s carrier bags, Bangchik!
    However, I’m driven to confess, Carrie, that I’m not sure what carrier bags are, (some Irish thing no doubt—or perhaps what we’d call grocery bags here?) Still, they sound big—bigger than anything I’m likely to need! Are you freezing any? (Beans, not bags.)
    At least your list sounds appropriate for the season, Dawn; my harvest would make more sense if it were July!
    Thanks for the Interflora news; I’d had no idea.
    Absolutely, Sunita. Unless one is collecting slugs, that is.

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