Monthly Archives: August 2009

We’re going to need a bigger tupperware container…


For the past two weeks, ever since I started picking the first early beans, this container has been big enough. Clearly, those days are past. This comes as a bit of a shock, as I just picked beans yesterday. Less than twenty-four hours ago. And–it rained all day today. As in, the sun never shone. Not, you'd think (I would, anyway) prime bean-ripening weather. But what do I know about it? I know I'm going to need a bigger container.

Living off the garden

Well, the blogging pause lasted longer than expected, even by me. I posted my intention to go dark at the end of June, and here it is mid-August. It’s hardly the same garden. In fact, it’s hardly the same as it was two weeks ago, when I left for my second trip to Toronto this summer. At that point, most of this plot was bare dirt.

Squash square, mid-July

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