Blogging pause

Friends and readers all,

You may have noticed that posts have been erratic in recent weeks. This makes it official: expect more of the same. Planning my sister’s memorial has taken most of my emotional energy, and working the gardens most of my time, to say nothing of my physical energy; between the two there’s not much left. Yesterday I arrived in Toronto, and tomorrow I start driving my parents to Maine for the gathering. I may not manage to post anything until after I return, in about two weeks.

I’ve also been a lousy blogging buddy recently, my visits to others’ blogs having dropped catastrophically. Don’t break out the champagne yet, though; I miss you all and promise I’ll be back to plague you in the near future.

Be well, and may your gardens thrive. See you all in a couple of weeks.


13 Responses to Blogging pause

  1. Best wishes Kate.
    Really hope things aren’t too tough.

  2. Kate … take the time you need to help yourself through this difficult time .. the blogging world will still be here for you when you feel up to it.
    Take care of yourself girl : )

  3. God bless, Kate, and please take all the time you need. Don’t worry, we won’t forget about you!!!

  4. Dont worry we will all still be here blogging away when you get back.

  5. Condolences on your loss. We will be here when you are ready to start blogging again.

  6. Kate…, take your time. It is a difficult time, we do understand.
    ~ bangchik

  7. Be well, yourself. Take all the time you need. We’ll be here when you return.

  8. Kate – if you need a break on your way back and are driving past Prince Edward County on the 401, let me know!
    Hope it all goes well.

  9. We’ll be thinking of you

  10. Kate .. Please can you get in touch with me? Need to know things are OK

  11. Kate,
    I’m sorry to read of all your recent losses. Wishing you well and happy times ahead.

  12. emma townshend

    I love your blog and will happily read any tiny morsels you manage to give us. And will also wait very patiently for your return. xxx

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