They found me!


I’m not sure who "they" are, but they’ve definitely found me.

Recently, I’ll go to my TypePad page in the morning and see that I’ve got a bunch of new comments, which are meat and drink–nay, the very nectar of life–to most bloggers. But when I look at the comments themselves they’re mostly nonsense, except that each contains the url for a site having nothing to do, trust me, with gardening.

These are a step down from the generic comments left by businesses. Some say nothing at all; some contain inane compliments like “Good site!” One said something along the lines of “I don’t know what to say except I really enjoy this blog.” Gee, thanks. (That one came twice.)

Almost better are the total nonsense ones: “Zane remained made sleep did spit little human face invoked” is one of my favorites. I dunno, maybe this is the latest greatest thing in modern poetry, and I’ve just dumped it, I’ve killed modern poetry! Oh well.

Anyway, something had to be done. Loyal readers and frequent commenters, all both of you, will notice that I have added a capcha feature, so you have to jump through an extra hoop to comment.

Believe me, putting a barrier between those eager to participate in a conversation and the means to do so goes against the grain. If I could find those sons of guns, they’d hear a thing or two.

But the snowdrops are finally blooming, and it’s supposed to be in the sixties today. The hell with revenge; I’m going out to the garden.

12 Responses to They found me!

  1. It’s truly unfortunate that there are those who insist on spreading the spam. One has to wonder what “they” hope to achieve by posting such drivel.

  2. I get mountains of this crap. Have installed a programme that screens spam out automatically, but I still have to crawl through the ‘quarantined’ posts to delete them. It’s all such absurdly inane crap.

  3. beautiful snowdrops! i love them, we were going to plant bulbs last year but then put the house up for sale. then….the big housing meltdown and the recession = house not for sale now = damn, no snowdrops! i can see exactly where they SHOULD be, but alas…..

  4. Joy of joys. I always make people type silly letters that they can’t really see. I hate it, but spam is worse. But on the plus side, your snowdrops are pretty.

  5. Hey MG, I signed up for your feed, but realize that I prefer to come by and visit to enjoy the entire experience more fully! Extra hoops? O.K. by me.

  6. Stupid spammers. delete delete delete.

  7. Yes, Krys, one does. If you figure it out, let us all know, will you? Hey–hope to see some new posts on the Urban Wilderness soon.
    Soilman–My husband assures me that this, like many other things, is much better in WordPress land. I’m moving.
    Carrie— Well, curses and curses. Plant ’em now!
    Daphne— Ar. I bet you get your jollies making us all type those inane letters. But you’re right about the snowdrops.
    Most excellent, Alice, or should I be saying “Alice Joyce”? Glad you like to hang out here. Since you don’t mind hoops, I start wondering about some I saw at the Cirque du Soleil–on fire, of course– We will test your loyalty…
    Deb— Just so.

  8. I a so upset that you didn’t pick up on the subtleties of my previous comment. It should be obvious that “Zane remained made sleep did spit little human face invoked” is an anagram of “Piddled Sneeze Mermen Cede Fishnet Kit In Plum Volt”.
    Which, as everybody knows, is the first line of the epic poem “Compost,Communism and Chipmunks”.
    You not only killed modern poetry but also cutting edge philology.

  9. I especially love the mangled translations. I’ve saved a few favorites, like “In short, if our someone Ben were a teacher, Muck Shoes would impart an A… Many garden catalogs today victimise Muck Shoes in their authority section” and “my flavour aconites and snowdrops assist haven’t prefabricated an appearance.” What can I say but “thank God for that!”

  10. So that’s how James comes up with his post titles ;)
    Just what am I missing? Sign me up immediately!
    I’m conducting an experiment after a conversation with OFB. I’ve taken WV OFF on my blog. I’m holding a sweepstakes on how long it’ll be before the spambots find me…

  11. Just to say thanks Kate, for your good wishes..and ahhh snowdrops . how I miss them, how very pretty and dainty they are.I am going to have a bit of time out and will hopefully be able to catch up on everyone else’s blogs!

  12. James–And to think that I thought it meant “Wisket Barrels Aplomb Frenched Ferries Furiously’– a clear reference (especially given the belated alliteration) to the much-reviled sixth-century Mongolian masterpiece, “Run, Horses, Run!”
    OFB— You especially love the mangled translations, do you? You’re not referring, by any chance, to the—-well, the mangled translations offered in the comment just before yours?
    VP–“So that’s how James comes up with his post titles!”
    It was several months before “they” found me, actually—several wonderful, peaceful months. A halcyon time, a time to be treasured. And then all hell broke loose. May your quiet be long, and your storm brief.
    Lovely to see you here, Val. What stage are you at? Has the show opened, and wine been drunk, the crowd dispersed? (I do hope there was wine and cheese and a proper gallery-opening-night ambiance.)

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