Category: The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

–most tangential omission: What is the least relevant item that I “should” have included? Can you somehow make a case that the Empire State Building should have been in the article? Or pencil erasers? Why? Where?

This category presents contestants with the task of establishing a connection, however tenuous, between compost and—something.  Let us know where you think this item belongs.

Submit your entries as comments. Thanks!

2 Responses to Category: The Kitchen Sink

  1. I can’t believe you haven’t mentioned cocktail ‘swizzle sticks’ in the Tools for aerating compost section.
    Have a look at my post for Compost Awareness Week (3-9th May) to see how easy it is to do so ;)
    Also note my swanky new home – for one guest post only. I’m very chuffed :D

  2. First, improving the chances of finding the perfect replacement kitchen for your home. 1 is that the sink ought to be adequate for the size of the kitchen and according to the location of it’s suitable 1 should be properly collected.

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