Thanks to James, the White Knight of the Black Pitt–

You could knock me down with a feather.

Amongst the various honors done me in my short blogging career, perhaps none ranks with this, that James Alexander-Sinclair put me on a short list of gardening blogs that might just possibly be worth reading. Publicly.

In his Gardener’s Magazine wrap-up article for 2008, “Of Cabbages and Kings,” James (Blogging at Blackpitts Garden) tips his hat to Nigel Colborn’s Silvertreedaze, Emma Townshend’s Baklava Shed Coalition (the name alone recommends it), Veg Plotting, and—the lowly Manic. This is illustrious company,.

To find myself in such surroundings leaves me a bit breathless and feeling rather like the country cousin at a state dinner, wondering if she’ll be caught using the wrong fork. As the sole North American in this group, I do feel my responsibilities keenly and have been practicing my nobles’ titles daily. (It would be convenient to know more about plants, but I figure it’s too late for that; I’ll stick to the titles.)

Fortunately, I read my Dorothy Sayers thoroughly, and therefore know when a woman is to be called Lady Peter (as Harriet Vane was, having married Lord Peter) and when she was Lady Mary (as Peter’s sister Mary was, having inherited her title in her own right.) So I figure I'll blend right in. As James would here in Montana, as long as he remembers his hat.

Now if I could just get straight that business about the forks…. And maybe read a book about plants….

In the meantime, wow. I'm positively gobsmacked. And–gee, James. Thanks.

4 Responses to Thanks to James, the White Knight of the Black Pitt–

  1. Woot! Well deserved, I’d say.

  2. And very well deserved you are too :)
    Does this mean you’ve already got hold of the article and so I can cross it off my to-do list to send it to you?

  3. Blimey, Kate, you know more than my countrymen (who still insist on calling the late Diana, Princess of Wales Princess Diana). Congratulations on achieving a very British sort of fame.

  4. Thanks muchly, Susan. This marks my first encounter with “woot;” is that a southernism?
    Yes, VP, I will count on you to hold my hand during said state dinner. And I do have the article–my psychic powers aren’t quite up to figuring all this out. Sorry I left you hanging, and do cross it off said list.
    Never thought of that one, Victoria. “Princess Charles” doesn’t quite seem to do it, does it?

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