A play starring—the potato?

(Had a few technical glitches getting this image to appear as intended–sorry. Half the text was cut off when it posted this morning. That's the problem with a program that won't let you preview a post as it will actually appear. (ARE YOU LISTENING, TYPEPAD?) I must remember not to set something to post automatically when I'm trying anything new. I dumped the original and reposted this version.) 

Picture 12

Dedicated gardeners know that vegetables rule, but even we’d probably be surprised to find the potato cast as the evil demon in an off-Broadway play. Of course after Attack of the Killer Tomatoes anything became possible, but still…

Apparently Sybil Kempson refuses to let such things stand in her way, for she has potatoes plotting a revolt against humanity in her play “Potatoes of August.” At least, that’s how the two wives in the play see it, though the husbands have a different view. Or rather, that’s how the NYTimes review represents the wives as seeing it, though according to it, the husbands think their wives have lost it.

If you hurry, you can decide for yourself, since it will run for another week of so.

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