Needed: a little madness. Or, Sock war history revised–get a life, Kate!

Several weeks ago, on a day when it was hard to get motivated for anything, I ended up writing a new, extensive–nay, the definitive–history of the sock wars. You can see it on the Page listed to the right.

I'm beginning to feel like one of those people who peaks in their last year in highschool–you know, the football star, the homecoming queen–and after that, it's all downhill. Sigh. I'll be telling my grandchildren about those damn socks. Right, and they'll be saying, "Yeah, Grandma, we know; you've only told us about it a thousand times."

Damn it, if something else totally crazy doesn't happen in the bloggin' world soon I am going to run out to my garage "in the au naturel," as the Garden Wise Guy so delicately and hilariously puts it, throw all my gardening tools into the alley, light them on fire, and throw myself on the heap, shrieking.

Heavens. I had no idea I was that pent up.

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  1. And you ask me why I posted about the 60’s? You are funny. I get you though and I do need to read about the sock wars. I have no clue still what that is all about. I think I was in the process of killing 3 blogs at the time.
    I saw Billy’s heat post too. He’ll be so proud that you burned your clothes. Make sure they aren’t fire retardant or you’ll just go up in smoke and smolder like wet leaves. You don’t want to make a wet leaf fire. It would be a complete failure and not give you any relief at all. Happy Burning!

  2. Deep breaths are called for, I think.
    You could become temporarily British (I, personally, will vouch for your good character and exemplary behaviour – brushing over the sock wars diplomatic incident) and weigh in to the small Royal Horticultural Society debate that is going on at the moment.
    Or you could try this ( It mightl keep you from rushing around upsetting the racoons.

  3. Is all that compost getting to you dear Kate?
    Perhaps we need to revive our plotting for an insane meme – most boring blog post remember? Or a little something else I have in mind perhaps?

  4. “And thus Kate will curb her mad and headstrong humor”

  5. Anna, I think that when you do read about said wars, you’ll have a good time. Do tell us about it. Just remember whose side you’re on, though.
    James–Actually, old man, I think I’d make quite a fine Britisher, what? (Do I need to show my passport to join the RHS?) Just visited their site and have no idea where to find said spat. I’ll be chasing ambulances next.
    VP–What, VP, what do you have in mind? The best I can come up with is the quiz about British gardening celebrities that I went off about yesterday at Baklava Shed Coalition.
    Shauna–Or not.

  6. Kate – thanks for the shout out. I’m enjoying your blog in bits and pieces. You have a twinkle in your writing!
    Later, skater.

  7. Yes well that is what I’m thinking about the garden right now. It’s just a seasonal thing with nothing going on at the moment.

  8. And again another side of the wonderfully deceptive Kate comes out. This is getting to be a habit my dear… be careful lest your true self show through. Your obsessive compulsive need to fire something up, even if it is your garden tools, definitely shows your impulsive need for attention and affinity for picking sock wars and such with perfectly innocent bloggers… mmmhhmmm… we’re starting to get the picture now dearest Kate. Funny thing is… it’s almost like looking in a mirror!! LOL
    Don’t ever change!

  9. Billy–Welcome! If you left a message earlier, cyberspace ate it. Glad to see you back.
    Daphne–Yeah, I’m thinking it’s a seasonal thing–days of rain here.
    Shibaguyz–“Innocent bloggers,” my eye. Would you two be responsible for those cameras disguised as trees in my yard? No wonder the picture is clear for you!

  10. 2:00 in the morning, I can’t sleep and so I come out here to the computer, hoping to find something soporific. The History of the Sock Wars hardly qualifies, leading as it does to (stifled) snickers, chortles and guffaws. Be of stout heart, good Kate, perhaps James A-S will provide some craziness anon. He commented on my blog recently that he occasionally finds himself looking for sandwiches in the potting shed, but acknowledged the futility of such a search.

  11. I thought your quiz was great! I nearly fell off my chair laughing :D
    I can also see it as a very successful book, though whether it would get past the publishers first is another matter.
    Perhaps you need to dish out a question to each of us and we reply via our blogs. In fact we could give you 3 answers and you have to select which one’s true! Do you have Call My Bluff (or something like it) over there?

  12. Oh and I’ll e-mail about my idea :)

  13. Be careful about wishing for something completely crazy in the garden blogging world. I just might take you up on it.

  14. Oh dear, What will this lead to? Will Our Friend Ben dis me again? I still have not found all the socks that were in the tree.

  15. Perrenial Garden Lover and I actually revisted our glory days on our blogs today. Sad:)

  16. Hey Kate–My dogs wanted to join in the sock wars earlier this week. I put up a post about it on the blog, just for you!

  17. HI Kate – I’ve provided just the thing for you today. This post was created in the light of your request above :D
    Have a great weekend!

  18. Thank you all, folks–I feel much better now. Anyone who wants to see socks strewn about a path (you are not alone, Deb) should head straight over to Susan’s blog; if your taste runs more to verbal madness, VP’s is the place.
    Cindy, nothing surprises me about James A-S any more, nothing. Given what you’ve read of my experiences with him, surely you can understand. (But–sandwiches in the potting shed?)
    As for what the Texas Triffid Rancher is planning, you know as much as I do. I suspect he bears watching. Anyone who refers to his wife as a Czarina is clearly suspect.

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