Aw, shucks: Blotanical Awards

(I know this is late. I'm hoping it falls into the "Better late than never," category.)

Somewhere between Witless Bay and Come-by-Chance (the names in Newfoundland are not the least of its pleasures), I logged onto Blotanical and discovered that, miracle of miracles, my blog had been nominated for Best Organic Blog. It crossed my mind to ask Stuart if there’d been a mistake, but fearing he’d say “Yes,” I decided to savor the moment instead.

And then I got third place, better than I deserve, I suspect. Read all about the winners here.

Thank you, people. It’s hard to shake the idea that it’s an error or oversight or mechanical glitch—well, cyberspace glitch?—but I’m working on it. None of my posts have appeared on the Picks lists for weeks now, so it’s quite lovely to be read, remembered, and offered this sign of respect.

An Addendum:
After reading several other nominees’ expressions of astonishment and heartfelt gratitude, I’m thinking of offering my own award for great terms indicating surprise and gratitude. So far the top contenders are Zoe (Garden Hopping) who was “gobsmacked,” Shirl (Shirl’s Gardenwatch) who was “chuffed,” and Pam (Digging), who said, simply and eloquently,  “yowsa!”

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  1. Same thing happened to me. If I hadn’t been told by the Shibaguyz that I’d been nominated, I’d never have known. I enjoy Blotanical and all the great blogs collected there, but I don’t play the game very well. Congrats on third, you are in good company.

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