Just for a laugh, check it out

It’s a rare thing, and a fine one, to find a site that celebrates "the great, the good and the slightly unhinged."

Call it a cop-out, but all I’m going to do today is tell everyone who by whatever chance or mischance of wind or weather ends up here to go elsewhere forthwith, namely to The Garden Monkey to read up on the internationally acclaimed (not) Fork’n Monkey Awards, because merely the descriptions of said awards–categories include "Green Fingers, Inky Fingers" (for best written blogs), "The Proud Parent" (for best seeding photos), the" "Jeeves Award for Worst-Dressed Celebrity Gardener," and, as they say, many many more–the descriptions alone, as I said, will gladden the heart, lift the spirit, bring a smile to the old face, and generally give you the impression that life might in fact be worth living after all, what?

Do it. Do it now. You can even vote.

4 Responses to Just for a laugh, check it out

  1. It truly is worth it! I laughed heartily more than once…
    Me too, in between chuckles and guffaws. I can’t wait to see the winners….

  2. Um . . . you could even vote for ‘Esther in the Garden’ in the ‘Is There Anybody Out There?’ category . . . if you . . . um . . . were so inclined.

  3. You are too kind.
    Consequently, you are welcome at the Monkey House any old time.
    Love and Peace
    Be careful what you wish for; I may move in entirely. (To the relief of my family, no doubt.)

  4. Glad you like monkeying around Kate – it’s a lot of fun isn’t it?
    Have a great weekend!
    Thanks–you too.

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