Creative (?) chaos–

I hope that no-one who visited my blog today has epilepsy, because the screen rarely stayed still for more than five minutes. It was my introduction to playing with the site’s format, courtesy of husband Steve, computing wizard extraordinaire. Since he uses Word Press (not Typepad), and someone else set up the site, and I’ve never done anything involving html beyond learning to put my responses to comments into italics–a great victory–there was a lot of trial and error, and a fair amount of  "Well, let’s see what this looks like," and two minutes later, "Definitely not." Also a couple of "Don’t hit that key!–Uh oh" moments, and at least one "Well, it looks like you killed it" situation.

So I just wanted to let my loyal readers out there know that if things seemed a little weird, well, they were. Maybe tomorrow I’ll actually manage the post on lawns I’d planned for today. Or maybe not.

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