Tomato Soup

In the end it wasn’t sauce I made but soup, and wow was it good! I hauled out all our cookbooks and combined a recipe from the first Moosewood with one from The Vegetarian Epicure. Here’s the result, with notes tomorrow.

The Recipe

Roughly chop 1c. onion and crush, chop, or mash 5-10 cloves garlic, depending on taste.

Sautee the onion and garlic in 3T olive oil.

Halve or quarter 7 medium tomatoes (5-6 cups), and when the onions are transparent, toss in the tomatoes.

Add 1-2 c. vegetable stock, depending on size and ripeness of tomatoes: more, riper tomatoes can be more diluted.

Simmer 5-15 min.

Puree in blender or Quisinart; return to stove.

Add: salt, pepper, basil, dash of Worstershire sauce, pinch of brown sugar. In other words, season to taste.

Thicken if desired by stirring liquid from the pot, 1T at a time, into 1-2 T flour.  Each bit of liquid should be thoroughly stirred into the flour to avoid lumps.  When the mixture is quite snooth and liquid, add it to the soup, stirring quickly and thoroughly. 

Optional: cream, milk, condensed milk or some combination of these. If you add milk or cream, do it at the very end, and DO NOT BOIL after the addition.

We had the soup with a potato souffle (also from the Vegetarian Epicure, the potatoes also from the garden–first time the home-growns have lasted so long!)–and garlic bread. Hard to beat.

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