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Home-grown greens in March

Salad makings 2

I just picked these greens — or at least, I had just picked them when I started this post last night, but then I had to make the dinner for which they were destined, and seeing as how it was Abdoulaye's birthday and he's never seen The Sting, well, there went the evening, and the post languished, neglected. (Abdoulaye, our visiting potato specialist from Mali, has a terrific sense of humor and excellent taste in movies, as witnessed by the fact that he likes all our favorites. When I mentioned recently that his English comprehension is excellent–much better than it was when he first lived with us back in the fall of 2005–he credited the movies I gave him for a going-away present back in 2007; especially, he said, My Cousin Vinny.)

To get back to the greens, the subject of this interrupted post: the harvest pictured above is the second picking from a tiny basement garden I planted in January, which grows under a cheap florescent light in a room which averages about 55-60 degrees.  

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